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Why can teflon conveyor belts be used on a large scale

author: pv:295 update time:2020-12-29

Since China introduced teflon conveyor belt from abroad in the last century, it has not been widely used in all sectors of society. The reason is that the raw materials at that time were purchased from abroad, due to high cost, long transportation time and backward technology.

With the continuous improvement of China's economic power and the large-scale introduction of the world's high-end Teflon products technology to China, teflon grid conveyor belt has been localized and its scope of use and industry has been gradually expanded.

Why can Teflon grid conveyor belt be applied on a large scale in 21st century?

Based on years of production and sales experience, Tianle Conveyor belt is summarized as follows:

1. The continuous improvement of the production technology and equipment of Teflon products and the increase of domestic manufacturers of teflon raw materials have bid farewell to the era of complete dependence on imports.

2. With the rapid growth of China's economy, people have higher and higher requirements for material and culture, and the old products and services can no longer meet people's needs. A large number of new products enter ordinary families, which drives the development of food, machinery, printing and dyeing industries, and thus drives the large-scale application of Teflon mesh belt.

Now teflon mesh belt has been more and more widely used in food baking industry, it can be used as a transmission mesh belt drying food, such as drying chrysanthemum, dehydrated vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, wheat, etc.

It can also be used as a food griddle to bake moon cakes, biscuits, steamed buns, flatbread, etc., among which it is commonly used as a drying conveyor belt.