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Teflon tape manufacturers explain why the tape industry rapid development

author: pv:245 update time:2020-12-31

Ancient people used clay paste to attach some objects with bone glue, and industrial society developed to paste fixed objects or such as sealing box, tape can be seen everywhere.

Teflon tape manufacturers in the unwitting tape is affecting our lives.



The development of society has driven the development of adhesive tape industry, which is even in the demand of society.

Such as: the use of double-sided tape, eliminated by using nails fixed products, such as: washing machine, rice cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator abandoned before the keys such as switch, turned into a beautiful, light and thin membrane switch, in the field of automobile manufacturing, maintenance, construction, electronics, printing, advertising, computer hardware has been widely used.

The adhesive tape industry has developed rapidly in recent years. For example, BOPP box sealing tape increased from 7000t /Y in 2002 to 84000T/Y in 2003, 9000t /Y in 2004, and estimated to be about 100 million TY in 2005.

Double-sided tape in China before 1985 is the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France, the UK products, beginning in 87 domestic adhesive tape products share begin to grow, the market also is constantly expanding, sales have been rising, in 1990 reached 18 million/Y, in 95 to 140 million M2 / Y/Y, in 2000 to 170 million M2, 210 million M2 / Y in 2001, 2002 to 247 million M2 / Y/Y, in 2003 to 310 million M2, 430 million M2 / Y in 2004.

And the adhesive tape industry has developed to today more than 3000 kinds, in addition to BOPP sealing tape and double-sided tape, there are kraft paper tape, stationery tape and other demand is also very large.

The market of adhesive tapes is mainly distributed in the coastal cities with booming economy, accounting for 25% in East China, 55% in south China and about 20% in other places.

Technology-based enterprises are also concentrated in south China and East China, among which Japan and Taiwan are more prominent.