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Teflon conveyor belt joint Method:

1. Put the conveyor belt on the dryer for tiling and matching. The two ends of the belt should be overlapped and put together for about 6cm.

2. Put a layer of high temperature glue (transparent F46 film) on the overlapping part in the middle.

Be sure to put a piece of wood or other insulation underneath, or the heat will dissipate.

3. Using high temperature steam iron, first heated to 350 degrees for five minutes and then heated to 380 degrees, to iron my belt overlap slowly back and forth, at the same time to certain pressure, until the middle of the film melting down into molten shape belt to change color at the same time, also can use teppanyaki red hot, pay attention to the temperature too high may be burnt belt.

4. Use water to cool down or wait for the tape to cool down naturally.

Note: The hot pressing time can be appropriately extended to achieve better bonding effect.