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The food sector

Food processing conveyor belt is one of the main products of Tianle polymer materials.

With its innovation in production technology and strict and standardized production process, Tianle polymer materials provides customers with world level conveyor belts for food processing.

This kind of product chooses the high-quality high strength polyester fabric as the core.

Elastic health standards with body, direct contact with food, moderate color, no peculiar smell.

The logistics field

The light conveyor belt for logistics industry produced by Tianle macromolecule material is a new type of high strength conveyor belt, which has the characteristics of light dead weight, good elasticity, small elongation, long service life, large transport span, easy installation and no pollution.

It has been widely used in many industries such as supermarket, storage, postal sorting system and airport baggage sorting system.

According to different conveying requirements, we manufacture and process a series of conveyor belts suitable for the logistics industry.

There are flat, non-slip conveyor belt, more a variety of surface patterns to meet the different transmission conditions, and has anti-static, corrosion resistance, flame retardant characteristics.

The construction field

PTFE building membrane, membrane structure is a new form of building structure, which integrates architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical industry and material science.

Computer technology as a whole, with a high technical content.

Building membrane is widely used in large public facilities, stadium roof system, airport hall, exhibition center, platform, landscape pavilion and so on.

Industrial sectors

PTFE has excellent comprehensive performance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-adhesion, self-lubrication, excellent dielectric performance, very low friction coefficient.

Used as engineering plastics, can be made into PTFE pipe, rod, tape, plate, film, etc.

Generally used in corrosion-resistant pipes, vessels, pumps, valves with high performance requirements and radars, high-frequency communication equipment, radio equipment, radons, etc.

The mechanical properties of PTFE can be greatly improved by adding any filler that can withstand the sintering temperature of PTFE.