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ABOUT Tianle
  • The food sector

    Food processing conveyor belt is one of the main products of Tianle polymer materials. Tianle polymer material with its innovation in production technology...
  • The logistics field

    The light conveyor belt for logistics industry produced by Tianle polymer materials is a new type of high strength conveyor belt, with light weight and good elasticity...
  • The construction field

    Tianle polymer materials are widely used in large public facilities, sports venues, airport hall, exhibition center, platform, etc.
  • Industrial sectors

    Tianle imported loom, using high strength imported glass fiber and arylon as the base material woven into high strength mesh base cloth...

Tianle polymer

Jiangsu Tianle Polymer Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating research, development and production. Its main products include Teflon mesh belt, Teflon tape, Teflon high-temperature cloth, silica gel mat, teflon cloth and other products.

Our jointless bonding machine belt has long been supported by many well-known machinery manufacturers at home and abroad, and is highly trusted and praised by customers.

The company is a production-oriented enterprise featured by polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and silicone rubber coated products. It is also the pioneer and leader of fluorine and silicon composite materials industry in China.

At present, the main products are fluorine and silicon two series of more than 100 varieties of polymer industrial cloth composite materials: PTFE Teflon high-temperature welding cloth (lacquer cloth), conveyor belt, PTFE Teflon mesh conveyor belt, PTFE Teflon bonding machine belt, PTFE Teflon viscose belt, silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth, conveyor belt, baking tray pad, etc.





The company's excellent product quality and good corporate reputation not only won extensive customers praise and trust, at the same time, the company has the right to import and export, products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and o