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What characteristics does teflon tape cloth have?

author: pv:379 update time:2020-12-29

1. Used at low temperature -196° C and high temperature between 300 ° C, with weather resistance and aging resistance.

After practical application, if placed for 200 days at 250C, the strength will not be reduced, and the weight will not be reduced.

When placed at 350℃ for 120 hours, the weight only decreased by 0.6% or so;

At -180C ultra-low temperature and can maintain the original softness.

2, non-adhesion: smooth surface, not easy to adhere to any substance.

Easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface;

Paste, resin, paint and almost all adhesive substances can be simply removed;

3, with high insulation performance (small dielectric constant :2.6, tangent under 0.0025), anti-ULTRAVIOLET, anti-static.

4. Fire retardant.

5. Easy to use and long service life.

Performance characteristics of teflon tape

1. The application of this product can eliminate the complicated process of spraying teflon anti-stick coating on the surface of drying cylinder, and also play an anti-stick role

2. The product is resistant to high temperature of 260° C. Teflon material on the surface of the tape (i.e., teflon) has good viscosity resistance and smooth abrasion resistance.

Back silica gel high temperature resistance, strong paste will not flake.

Long service life

3. Easy to use, do not need to disassemble and transport the drying cylinder, the site paste anti-adhesive to the surface of the drying cylinder can be started normally for use.

4. Greatly reduce the intensity of labor, but also conducive to the protection of equipment.

Short down time, low comprehensive cost and high economic benefit

5. Product specification: The standard width is 1M or 1.25m, and the adhesive thickness of the teflon tape with glass fiber is 0.13-0.40mm, and the adhesive thickness of the pure teflon tape is not 0.08-0.4mm

The quality of teflon tape is mainly determined by three factors:

Teflon high temperature cloth, the second is the natrification technology, the third is the quality of adhesive.

Therefore, the poor quality of Teflon tape does not necessarily mean that the adhesive is not good, but the adhesive is not good, which will definitely lead to the poor quality of Teflon tape.

Our company pays special attention to the intermediate process control of teflon tape quality, so as to ensure the quality of each link is qualified and checked at every level.

One thing about Teflon tape, of course, is that as the temperature rises, its stickiness increases.

This is the basic characteristics of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, so many customers teflon tape at the beginning of how not to stick, in fact, there is no need to worry, as the temperature rises, all the worry is unnecessary.

Of course, the quality of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive quality is good or bad, our professional procurement of imported international brands, from the source to ensure the quality of products.